Optical Brightener ER-III

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Optical Brightener ER

Other Name:Uvitex ER 1.Properties: Optical brightener ER is one of the diphenyl-ethylene compounds and similar to the Blankphor ER. It is a light yellowish green non-ionic dispersed solution, which is stable with cationic softers and is able to be used in the same bath with sodium hypochlorite, peroxide solution, and reduction bleaching agent. 2.Application  The product is suitable to be used for whitening and brightening polyester fabrics or cotton/polyester fabrics and whitening of plastics products as well.the product is compatible with pad-dyeing hot-melt process, high temperature and high pressure dip-dyeing process and low temperature adsorping and fixing dip-dyeing process. 3.Directions For Use: ①Pad dyeing process: Uvitex ER 2-4g/l, twice dipping and twice padding---100℃---pre-dyeing---180-200℃---curing for 20-30s for setting(water-washing can be dispersed with). ②High temperature and high pressure dip-dyeing: Uvitex ER 0.2-0.6(o.w.f.), bath ratio: 1:30, ph 4-5, keeping dyeing temperature at 130℃ for 60 min. Reduction cleaning drying. ③Low temperature adsorping & fixing dip-dyeing: Uvitex ER 0.2-0.6(o.w.f.), bath ratio 1:30, ph 4-5, keeping dyeing temperature at 50℃ for 30 min. Reduction cleaning drying curing for 20-30s. 4.Specification Appearance: Light yellow(with slight green) disperse liquid. Whitening intensity: 100 Hue: Similar to standard 5.Packaging And Storing: Packing in 25kg/50kg carton drums. Stored in dry and ventilated place.

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