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Fluorescent Brightener CBS

C.I. No. Fluorescent Whitening Agent 351 Equivalent:  Tinopal Cbs-X Main Technical Indexes:
  1. Ionicity: Ion Anion
  2. Fusibility In Water: In 25℃ Water,  25 g/1000ml
                  In 95℃ Water,  200g/1000ml
  1. Max Ultraviolet Absorption Wavelength: 348-350 Um
  2. Appearance: Free-Flowing Brilliant Yellow Powder
  3. Brightening Strength: 100 + 3 %
  4. Color And Luster: Similar To Standard
  5. Insoluble In Water:  ≤0.5%
Usage: Mainly Used In Synthetic Detergent Powder, Pertumed Soap And Soap. Also Can Be Used To The Brightening Of Cotton, Polyamide, Silk, Wool And Paper Etc. Packing: In 25 Kg Iron Drums Or Carton Drums.

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